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2016 the first lighting lighting industry BBS a successful ending

2016-11-30 15:36:00 Website Name Read

On the morning of October 24, the lighting information newspaper, guzhen lighting network, good light network unit of three joint in 2016 the first zhongshan lighting accessories service industry peak BBS meeting every C library BBS area in the center of the lights are meeting held, the event aims to promote lighting accessories enterprise communication and interaction between industries and products.

To participate in the activities of the BBS of the main enterprises are master light chain, zhongshan smile lighting co., LTD., zhongshan colli lai lighting, this sharp lighting of zhongshan, zhongshan auspicious with lights, lighting, zhongshan covering law firm, in zhongshan jia zhe lighting, visual supreme illumination of zhongshan, zhongshan with lighting, zhongshan hundred surplus photoelectric, zhongshan, lighting and other more than hundred companies to participate in the activities in the beginning, the wind information and the entire network marketing experts, brand planner generation Ming make the conference speech, lighting information newspaper editor zhou and the guzhen lighting network hai-bing xiao, general manager of representing plane DM print media and network media, the scene lighting Lai Chunying, general manager of zhongshan smile, master light chain, general manager of song and super lighting zhongshan covering Hu Zugui, general manager of hundred million lawyers chief li, and other enterprises on behalf of the scene is LED lighting accessories and products market development trend of future enterprise and a series of problems at present stage and the phenomenon of industry published their views.

In 2016, is a challenging year lighting lighting industry, lighting enterprises are facing a profound transformation and the diversification of marketing channels. As among the most critical link in the lighting industry, accessories link has been an indicator of the entire product to even affects the entire product price in the market. This communication summit aimed at strengthening lighting accessories and production-oriented lighting enterprise communication and exchanges, promote the transformation and development of the lighting business. The lighting fittings industry summit which are composed of parts production on behalf of the enterprise, media lighting lighting industry, lighting industry association, professional lighting industry network electric business platform jointly conducted a accessories industry interaction activities. An annual one ancient town international lighting lighting fair autumn dawned, buyers from all over the world, distributors, project traders and gathered tens of thousands of manufacturers, the activity itself through the interaction with the enterprise aim of the present guests intention do lamps production companies eliminate capital, brand promotion, market channels and other objective factors to win the healthy growth of development opportunities.

With the continuous development of the Internet e-commerce, the LED light business industry is well underway, the online trading volume increases by 7%. The BBS gathered industry several representative type electric business platform, communication with the electronic commerce and lighting accessories industry association and the future development trend.

Industry reshuffle is inevitable, it is imperative to transformation and upgrading, and now the accessories lighting market price war has been intensified. How to correctly guide lighting accessories enterprise healthy and orderly development, set up benign product price competition mechanism, to the market development of production enterprises to build a good environment is the theme of the summit of the communication.