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Once again standing in the new historical starting point Semiconductor lighting industry should be how to embrace the future?

2016-11-30 15:35:26 Website Name Read

At present, China LED application more than 5000 enterprises, of which 66.4% distribution in guangdong pearl river delta area, Yangtze river delta region accounted for 17.3%. China's LED industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, basically formed the pearl river delta (guangdong), Yangtze river delta, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai), northern, southern jiangxi, fujian and other areas of five areas.


Image keyword "a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is creating new historical opportunity, internal and external development environment and conditions, are undergoing profound changes, industry development is facing the new situation, semiconductor lighting and stood in the new starting point of history." The former vice minister of science and technology cao jianlin in recent China international semiconductor lighting BBS said.

To implement the "national semiconductor lighting project" as the starting point, the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry in China after 13 years, has quickly become the world's largest LED manufacturing base, enterprise strength expanded gradually, to further enhance its capability of depth to participate in international competition. Under this background, the Chinese enterprises in the capital consolidation and expansion of overseas has repeatedly blocked. Is responsible for the foreign investment committee on foreign investment in the United States, has told ace and a bid for China fujian macro core fund, expressing its security concerns, to the m&a is still strong ask ace to give up the deal. Previously, Chinese companies buy philips Lumileds, a subsidiary of the same.

Whether it is under the trend of China's economy into the new normal, or under the background of global industry structure adjustment, China's semiconductor lighting industry enters into a new crossroads. The BBS, revealed the new clue what industry? Whether for semiconductor lighting industry meet the new opportunities and challenges it is pointed out that the new direction?

The status quo

To benefit from the rapid development of linkage

"In 2016, is expected to LED lighting products in the domestic market share of more than 30%, LED lighting production will be more than 520 billion yuan, growth will exceed 23%, in 2020 China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole output will reach 1 trillion yuan, LED lighting products market share is about 60%." National semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance (CSA) secretary-general Wu Ling prediction.

Review of the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry, the former vice minister of science and technology, said cao jianlin, in 2003, our country established national semiconductor lighting project coordination leading group, start the "national semiconductor lighting project", and successively in the period of "11th five-year plan" "15" "twelfth five-year" three five year plan, through the national key basic research development program (973 program), 863, science and technology support plan joint support, realize the different areas of linkage, common to overcome some of the core technology bottleneck restricting the development of semiconductor lighting industry in China. In September, 2009, ministry of science and technology launched the "ten city wan light" semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot work.

In the related departments and local governments to actively cooperate with and support, technology improved significantly, effectively promoted the semiconductor lighting application technology integration, promotes the market mechanism and commercial pattern formation, significantly increased the social recognition of semiconductor lighting. At present, our country formed in some key technology breakthrough, with the international advanced level gap is narrowing. Type 2015 power white LED chips in the laboratory photosynthetic efficiency, on the basis of 160 lm/W, realize industrialization 150 lm/W lighting levels; With independent intellectual property rights power type silicon-based LED chip industrialization of photosynthetic efficiency of more than 140 lm/W, won the first prize in 2015 annual national technical invention.

"At the same time, general lighting application technology in our country is in the lead, the application of the innovation such as agriculture, medical technology and the advanced international level synchronization, visible light location for the first time in the international business applications. China's semiconductor lighting has big opportunity in general lighting and innovative applications." Cao jianlin said.

The development of

Cross-border joint stems from turning the key

During the period of "twelfth five-year" accelerating semiconductor lighting industry reshuffle stage, each big enterprise through merger integration quickly become bigger and stronger, has become the important tendency of structure adjustment and industry development.

"Because of semiconductor lighting technology and products was still in the stage of rapid development, the product into the market is far more than the speed of the relevant standards, certification system establishment and the perfect degree of the market regulation mechanism. Specifically, semiconductor lighting products, energy efficiency standard and application specification yet system; regulatory mechanism to be perfect; consumer's perception of semiconductor lighting products is not yet mature." Wu Ling said, emerging industries are rush situation, competition, the violations, the threshold is low, good and evil people mixed up enterprises and products, LED industry is currently suffering from this stage to go toward outside walk.

Wu Ling said, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" is the key period of semiconductor lighting industry development in our country, the national industry departments will focus on promoting the top-level design; Promote the core technology, the development of high-end products and industrialization; Guide China LED lighting enterprises to carry out international cooperation capacity, encourage enterprises to introduce foreign new technology, and digestion, absorption and innovation, to strengthen cross-border integration; Encourage enterprises through overseas investment and infrastructure construction such as a variety of ways actively explore foreign markets, to drive the domestic LED products and technology of "going out", etc. In addition, to further strengthen the collaboration between government departments and market regulation, optimize the environment of industrial development, to strengthen the construction of standard, open analysis, test, evaluation and so on specialized service, establish a third party standard, certification, credit evaluation system, to establish the validity and credibility of the LED product certification, build international authentication brand; For LED product certification testing for the supervision and administration work, play to the third party testing institutions technology evaluation and guidance.

Director-general of the department of national development and reform commission (NDRC) ring (as a tree, according to this in order to further optimize and improve the market environment and policy environment of LED lighting industry, the current "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" LED lighting industry development plan is under study and formulate, and prepare to solicit opinions of the relevant departments, in years ago can be released.

Meet the needs of be seen outside

"By on-demand lighting lighting products of high quality, personalized, more form; through wisdom lighting intelligent hardware, Internet of things, the development of the city, passed beyond lighting lighting and medical treatment, health care, agriculture, communication and other areas of development closely together, these are the new task." International semiconductor lighting association (ISA) the co-chair of the advisory committee, professor of kouchi zhang at the university of delft v said.

His analysis of the future, more geared to the needs of the Internet of things technology integration will become an important trend of LED industry development. LED technology will work with intelligent perception, recognition technology, low power wide-area intelligent technology depth fusion, can be used as support "Internet +" artificial intelligence technology scheme of intelligent hardware. Lighting is probably one of the earliest application of household even wisdom city, "public lighting system is the most widely spread urban infrastructure, it can carry a lot of lighting applications." Kouchi zhang said.

Philips lighting recently announced its latest smart + connected lighting project, the Madrid landmark skyscraper tower in Europe (TorreEuropa) into a high security, high connectivity, the intelligent office building for the future. Philips lighting and building large shareholders cooperation, for building 5400 sets installed smart + connected lamps and lanterns, covering 19600 square meters of office space. New intelligent lighting system, power is supplied by Ethernet will access IT network in the building of lamps and lanterns. Through the system to collect, store, share, and send the lamps and lanterns is captured by the built-in sensors anonymized data. Allegedly, by 2020, 70% of new commercial buildings will install intelligent lighting system of the Internet. Data analysis ability of smart + connected lighting system is gradually emerging.

"Beyond lighting" is becoming a hot word, refers to the LED to meet the needs of a lot of "being seen", such as agricultural light, light medical, optical communication, etc. Eye optical hospital affiliated to wenzhou medical college, dean of the professor esmebaby is put forward, as the biological effects of light gradually known by people, as a new type of light source, LED is gradually applied in medicine and play a positive role, of course, is also facing many challenges, such as the illumination of the mechanism of action of health is not clear, lack for the health of the Chinese and the special groups lighting standard system, etc., in the future to further study on lighting for physiology, pathology and treatment mechanism of human body system, on the basis of large data, quantitative health assessment system, etc.

Cao jianlin said, from a big lighting manufacturing strong lighting industry, one is to continue to keep pace with The Times, grasp the Internet of things, big data, medical treatment, health care, agriculture, communication and other new technology, new economy, the opportunities brought by new formats; 2 it is to continue to promote cross-border, development, innovation, fusion, trying to explore the establishment of a new technology innovation of lead, the new support technology services, and financial capital linkage technology service new formats, through cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, cross region of collaborative innovation channels, form the development together; Three is to actively for the third generation of semiconductor materials and application of layout; Four is to continue to open mind, embrace change.