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The development of photovoltaic industry upgrade Nanchang high-tech zone to build characteristic of LED industry chain

2016-11-30 15:32:41 Website Name Read

By 2020, the photovoltaic industry's main business income of the industry scale more than 50 billion yuan; Strive to 2 enterprises income exceeds ten billion yuan, 5 billion yuan 4 enterprises, one hundred million yuan of above 40 of the enterprise; Will play the national competitive high-tech photovoltaic industry base, as the national LED research and development, production, export of highland... Nanchang high-tech zone is accelerating to LED, touch display, optical lens, such as photovoltaic, optical fiber as the main body of the photovoltaic industry development, and stronger to do big business scale, into a "nanchang optical valley" core demonstration area.

Last year, the provincial party committee, provincial government assess the situation, to plan new development, has made the building "nanchang optical valley" construction in jiangxi province LED industry base of making important decisions, namely the nanchang construction become international famous, the nation's leading photovoltaic industry technology innovation and industrial development of highland, core demonstration area is listed as "nanchang optical valley" in the zone. At present, the high-tech zone has formed from the substrate material, the epitaxial wafer, chip manufacturing to packaging and application of a set of complete industrial chain and a touch of IC design, packaging, touch screen, touch display module manufacturing as one of the touch display complete industrial chain.

To the development of photovoltaic industry upgrading, nanchang high-tech zone in accordance with the "double drive, silicon-based first" principle, the development of relying on the silicon substrate LED technology with independent intellectual property rights, insist on the extension of the upstream, expand the principle of in the middle, do big, build more complete, the benign interaction, the characteristics of the sustainable and healthy development of LED industry chain. At the same time, gradually improve the east China sea aquamarine blue sapphire substrate based on middle and lower reaches of the product chain, rich technology products, and realize the dislocation development. Touch display industry, high-tech zone is to develop the international frontier, with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness of GF monolayer multipoint capacitive touch screen technology, according to a new generation of touch IC technology, build a domestic occupation technical touch display integration of the highlands and the most influential parts production base.

At the same time, the high-tech zone is to a lianchuang electronic optical lens production, expand sports, mobile phones, automotive, security monitoring, endoscope, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), camera, AR, series of VR in areas such as, to develop in the direction of advanced optical lens products. Key integration advantage resources in photovoltaic industry, actively introduce high-quality industrial projects and enterprises both at home and abroad, forming from the black silicon, king kong line, solar cell, a new generation of high efficiency crystalline silicon core high-end equipment for production, and then to the solar cell components, the development of photovoltaic power generation system is relatively complete industrial chain. In addition, developing innovative is strong, enormous quantity wide optical fiber cable industry, the construction has certain domestic status of fiber optic cable production base.