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Teach you choose lamps and lanterns "six steps"

2016-11-30 15:27:55 Website Name Read

When choosing lamps and lanterns, the diversification of products display often let's dazzling, this has let us hard to chose, color TPS flux intensity of illumination and a series of professional term confusing, makes it harder to product selection. User is difficult to learn a variety of professional knowledge in a short time, but need to choose the suitable lighting products, there are a lot of difficulty. Small make up then put aside all the jargon, teach you how to choose lamps and lanterns.

Is expected to purchase price

Buy any product, should expect of yourself ahead of expected price, lamps and lanterns of choose and buy. Before buying the product, positioning your heart price is necessary, the price should be based on their own economic ability and domestic outfit style to perform, avoid by all means is blind comparison with others.

Lamps and lanterns of the price difference is very big

Different lamps and lanterns price can differ dozens of times on even one hundred times, such a large price gap is caused for different users, and can't because of the price high or low price of lamps and lanterns for change their expected price, also should not listen to the advice of others and change the original intention.

In general, the price of lamps and lanterns should accord with our level of consumption can, do not need too to pursue high price products, give oneself add unnecessary burden, but also avoid by all means is keen on gaining petty advantages, too cheap lamps often use less material, difficult to guarantee product quality, not suitable for our use.

To sum up, see their level of consumption. Common room to install the lamps and lanterns of hundred yuan, the modelling of lamps and lanterns can choose the lamps and lanterns of hundreds of yuan of the request; If the preference of crystalline light of high-grade lamps and lanterns or used for the larger room, can choose one thousand yuan level of high-end products.

Why do you do?

Ahead of the price of lamps and lanterns is expected to can let us in when choosing lamps and lanterns more intuitive, reduce a lot of unnecessary options, also can avoid too much cost and effect in this field for other expenses. Due to the price of lamps and lanterns is the premise condition of other factors, so the forecast the purchase price of lamps and lanterns should be given priority.

Determine the style of lamps and lanterns

After determine the price of the product, we should be according to their own household style to choose the lamps and lanterns. Different family has different style, apply lamps and lanterns is different also.

Style luxury crystal lamp

There is a wide variety of style, lamps and lanterns is suitable for household style also is protean. In general, the indoor style simple and lively room can choose to absorb dome light or simple modelling of lamps and lanterns; Room style luxury suits to choose crystalline light as a lighting tool, foil a composed and prosperous environment; Strong artistic room suit to use a unique decorative lamps and lanterns, create the modern breath.

Artistic lamps and lanterns of inspiring people's imagination

Of course, we don't have to lighting products in strict accordance with the style of decoration to choose, as long as and household style collocation, make us feel comfortable, do not appear \"mix build\" approach. Why do you do?

Different lamps and lanterns of style is different, only the styles of lamps and lanterns and our household style is consistent, to coordinate common collocation gives comfortable effect, if do not match the style and household style lamps and lanterns, often backfire, causing the mutual interference, the advantages of both sides are hard to play out.

Size of choice lamps and lanterns

In the face of the same design of the same style lamps and lanterns, many consumers choose the biggest products, think that the more the greater the can highlight your style; And consumers can choose the smallest products, think since modelling, same as choose the lowest price products, to achieve the minimum spending. Although this has certain rationality, but they are not the most scientific. The size of the lamps and lanterns should combine the indoor space to arrange to maximize results.

The size of the lamps and lanterns should be and the fitting room

Due to different rooms of different sizes in our family, the lamps and lanterns of suitable size is different also. Usually, the room is suitable to use 200 mm diameter of 10 square metre absorb dome light. 15 square meters room is suitable for use the lamps and lanterns of a diameter of 300 mm; 20 square meters and above room suitable for a larger more modelling droplight or crystal lamp, such collocation can make the whole effect is enhanced, will not bring the feeling of discomfort.

Big room with big droplight

, of course, the size of the lamps and lanterns does not need to strictly follow a certain proportion, make appropriate adjustment is necessary, it also is important to note that the height less than 2.7 meters of indoor is not suitable for using larger droplight, the bed of the bedroom also should not be installed to take up the space is large chandelier.

Why do you do?

The lamps and lanterns of too big can a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, also can make the room produce depressive feeling, affect our mood; The small lamps and lanterns is difficult to take care of the whole space, also can appear the indoor layout.

Pay attention to brand certification

After had the choice of the above conditions, the choice of lamps and lanterns becomes clear. If you have their own brand, you can choose the brand products directly, without the right brand, should choose those who can provide quality assurance and after-sales service brand, so for the product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed.

The lamps and lanterns of common brand

Different brand to provide product warranty period is different, it is also need our attention. Before buying the lamps and lanterns should understand the product warranty period, choose the quality assurance period the longest products is a wise choice, also can let us in the use of lighting products more at ease.

That is commonly used in lighting product certification mark

In addition to the brand, have the relevant certification and the place where we need to pay attention to. Have safety certification of products more often passed strict quality audit, can provide a better product protection.

Why do you do?

Big brands of lamps and lanterns has enough technical support, to provide better product quality and after-sales service, the nominal data of products more strictly, manufacturers for their own brand, less because of the immediate interests of the drive and use inferior materials, the life of the product is more secure.

Choose a reasonable brightness

Brightness is very simple, it is the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns bright not bright. It is easy to think of, the higher the brightness is not better, it is certainly not the lower the better, also have a suitable range.

Brightness although there are a variety of different parameters, but for family lighting does not need to know too much. In the light environment is comfortable, convenient to see. Bright living room environment is not easy to fatigue

For different effects of the room, the brightness requirements are also different: for reading and studying the environment should be a little bit more bright, it is helpful for our work and study, the light environment is not easy to fatigue; Used in the rest of the environment can be a little darker, helps us to rest, to create a soothing environment; For the night on the lamps and lanterns of lighting should be soft not dazzling, provide lighting at night and not affect the normal activities.

A little dark bedroom environment is conducive to our rest

It is important to note that the different brightness of the room, but don't vary too big, so in when you enter a different room also won't have the feeling of discomfort.

Why do you do?

The brightness of the reasonable is the indispensable factors in family life, is too light or too dark environment of them are good for our life, can also cause adverse effect to eyesight.

Select and pleasing to the eye color

The color not only refers to the appearance of lamps and lanterns, also includes the lamps and lanterns is the color of the light. While different color of light can light up our environment, but the impact of different colors of light (positive effect and negative effect), or should not be ignored.

Warm color (left) and cool color (right) bring us different feelings

General bedroom needs to be yellow light, warm color light, the light color can give a person the feeling of warm, suitable for the bedroom to rest; White light suitable for the sitting room, can let us more pleasure when communication; Suitable for the study using the white light, easy to focus in our work and study; The lamps and lanterns of the kitchen and dining room should use white, can better restore dishes color, better let our appetite.

Different light color reduction

In practice, we can combine their own preferences to arrange the lamps and lanterns of different colors, the most important things is let yourself feel comfortable and happy, such lamps and lanterns is good value, let's have a good mood.

Why do you do?

Different color of light can bring us different feelings, in general, slant yellow light will bring warmth to the person; Slant blue light bring cool feeling; Better able to restore color densities. To make reasonable use of the different colors of light, can we create a better life environment.

Through the above six steps, I believe you must have awareness of the selection method of lamps and lanterns. This article does not do the interpretation of the concept of list, and data is also want users to be able to better accept these contents, the author here also sincerely hope that you can buy gratified flexibly lamps and lanterns, light sweet and comfortable home.