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Speech of the chairman

Each employee:

At the end of 2016, the us was approaching the hopeful in 2017. Here, on behalf of the board of directors of the company, in the past year, the development for the company to pay hard work and dedication without HuaLanDi staff, express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes, and the most sincere New Year greetings and deep respect.

Over the past year, under the leadership of the board of directors and all staff promote the "positive, pragmatic and efficient, team work, have the courage to act as" spirit of enterprise, successfully created a new development advantage, achieved steady growth performance.

Review through a years of course, we all staff closely around the beginning of 2016 the objectives set by the mission, and actively organize their implementation. First of all, we optimize the organizational structure, set up in products as the center of the three divisions; Secondly, in terms of management, we successfully implement the standardization and fine management goal, laid a solid foundation for the company's management progress. In addition, also introduced intelligent manufacturing, promoting the manufacture level of the company of intelligent, implements the whole to promote the efficiency of labor.

Over the past year, the company also attaches great importance to the research and development work, invested a lot of research and development of resources. Through the untiring efforts of the team, the research results provided a fundamental guarantee for the company's long-term development.

In addition, different functional departments of the company, but also within the scope of the functions, actively cooperate with and support each department's work, for the full implementation of the target task to complete annual plan, made a certain contribution.

Although we in the past year, on the whole have achieved good results, but also should clearly recognize the deficiencies. Some indicators and goals than there is some difference between the beginning of this year, some technological progress fast enough, restricting the development of us. Level still need to further strengthen basic theory research, the advance of intelligent manufacturing fast enough, the overall production efficiency is low. Generally speaking, we should constantly strengthen learning, improve our overall level, adapt to the new situation, the needs of the development of the company.

Fellow employees, development goals in 2017 have been confirmed, we will continue to deepen the three group development model, to promote the rapid and healthy development of the division. Will be about development goals continue to increase investment in business, ensure the investment plan in place; Continue to increase investment in r&d, accelerate new product development, and strive to achieve development goals in 2017;Continue to promote the intelligent manufacturing, standardization and fine management to a higher level; Implementation of talent policy actively, strengthen the talent introduction, personnel training plan, establish priority to develop and use of internal talent mechanism, establish a scientific, reasonable and competitive talent incentive system, provide strong intellectual support for the development of the company. Hope each department, each department actively promote subjective initiative, and stick to the goal, forge ahead, and than, to learn, drive, super, achieve the goal, and the development of a higher level.

In addition, we also need to play and to use the advantage of good capital platform, actively expand extension industry chain, broadening the channels for investment and development, strengthen enterprise strength and scale, better returns for investors.

Fellow employees, in 2017, the bell will be rung soon, we will be filled with joy and passion, to greet the arrival of the New Year! New Year gestates new hopes, new challenges, new opportunities. Our 2017 have made it clear the objectives and action plan, hope that all staff can closely around the new target work actively, promote team spirit, cast ingenuity, hard work, struggling to move forward, creating HuaLanDi glory.

Finally, in the New Year, I, on behalf of the board of directors of the company and management, and again sincerely wish all the staff and their families a happy New Year, work smoothly, good health and a happy family!